Frequently Asked Questions

What is Squire Camps?

Squire Camps is a fun and nurturing environment and provides children with a camp program that is totally individualized. Our total choice programs allow children to customize their own high-quality summer experience. Each camper can choose to focus on a full day of thorough sports instruction or choose a day filled with  Arts, Science, Culture, Swimming, and more with our "Tracks" programming. We promote learning through fun, and feel that camp has the ability to promote unparalleled growth and exploration.

Who are the staff?

The staff at Squire Camps are certified adult school teachers from local schools around the county.  Our ratio is about 6:1 or better for our activities.  The classrooms are air-conditioned and we also offer a full size gym, air-conditioned dining hall and a beautiful sports field.  We swim at Maplewood Swim and Tennis club just down the street. We also play tennis there as well as Salomon Schecter school across the street from our main location at Maria Regina High School.

What about lunch?

Lunch is prepared fresh daily by Flik catering services.  We have fresh hot entrees every day, and the campers will order form our menu every morning when they enter the camp.  We also have gluten free options.  A sample of our MENU IS HERE. If you have a dietary restriction or need, please feel free to contact us and speak to our nurse or one of our directors.  

What are the drop-off and pick-up times?

You can drop - off as early as 8:45 AM.  At around 8:45 our staff will be in the main driveway to escort your children to the Dining need to even get out of your car!  Pick-up at 3:15 is also in the main driveway and we will bring your children to your car. 

How can I sign up?

You can email us or call (914) 328-3798.  You can also fill out a form on our online registration page HERE, or mail in a copy of the application.  A $500 deposit per child is reqiured with all applications.  All payments are due on May 16th and are also fully refundable until that date.